Project I: Today I Shot

These are shots from my first project called ‘Today I Shot’. During this project, I aim to challenge myself. The ultimate goal with this project is to choose a theme every week and to approach people who fit into it. Let me give you examples of some themes I had in mind:

  • Today I Shot Bearded Men
  • Today I Shot People with Freckles
  • Today I Shot Mothers & Daughters
I think you get the idea 
Also, I’d like to throw in a random question. It’s going to be one question per theme and the answers will be shared on my blog.
However, in order to get to the point where I can realise my Project the way I intend it to, I need to find my rhythm first – my way of approaching strangers and ask them for their photograph so please excuse the first few dull headers as for the first few days of shooting, I am not using themes. I hope you still enjoy what you see!
I appreciate each and every feedback on my work so… come at me 🙂


Beautiful People
Covent Garden


Camberwell & Dulwich